Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be a Sikh to participate in this?
A: No – these prayers can be practiced by anyone. There is no discrimination. If you feel called to be part of the prayer for healing on the earth, you are welcome to participate.

Q: Do I have to know my Bani’s to participate in this pledge?
A: No. As Sikhs we are all students so you start exactly where you are. If you are not able to recite the Bani’s you are welcome to listen to one of the audio recitations provided. It is your intention that counts.

Q: Can I join even if I don’t start on June 6th?
A: Yes. We hope as much momentum builds as possible. Please do pledge whenever you can; The more the merrier!

Q: What if I miss a day?
A: Of course we hope that everyone can complete the 40 days reciting chaupai every day. However if you miss a day please consider reading two the next day. A warrior never gives up.

Q: What is the meaning of Chaupai?
A: All Banis are poetry. Chaupai means that this piece of poetry is written in a system of 4’s. Every paragraph or ‘paurhi’ is composed of four sentences. This applies to any writing that has ‘Chaupai’ in the title. Benti Chaupai is a special Bani that is included in the Amrit ceremony and all Sikhs, especially Amritdhari’s, are encouraged to read it as a daily practice.

Q: Can I use the power of this Bani to destroy my enemies?
A: The Bani itself asks God for protection and for the destruction of unrighteous opposition. Try not to focus on any particular person or thing when it comes to what you don’t like. Prayers made with good intentions are more powerful.

Q: What does Benti Chaupai Sahib say?
A: There are translations available that you can print out. We encourage everyone to read the translation of this powerful Bani. The true meaning is beyond translations and can only be felt.