The Story Of Guru Ji & Reversing Destiny

One summer while Guru Gobind Singh was travelling, he reached a garden where he camped for the day. It so happened that the king’s pir (spiritual advisor), was also camping at the same place. Thus the Pir had a chance to meet Guru ji. The pir called on the Guru, who seated him with due courtesy by his side. There was a town nearby where a number of Sikhs of the Guru lived. When they heard of the Guru’s arrival at the garden, they all flocked to see the Guru with offerings of clothes, arms and money, besides food. The offerings were formally dedicated to the Guru and prayed for blessings, success in temporal pursuits, protection from evil, and the boon of Naam.
The Pir watched the proceedings for the whole day, and then put this question the Guru, “In our scriptures it is said that whatever is destined, is bound to happen. Something else can happen, only if what has been done previously is wrong. Since what has been done, cannot be wrong, there is no scope for anything else happening. So, when the Sikhs pray before you for success in their endeavors, what do they pray for, since nothing else can happen except what is destined?”

In response Guru ji took his stamp seal, inked it and stamped it on a paper, “Pir ji, this is the answer.” The Pir kindly asked for the explanation and the Guru explained, “The letters on the stamp are written backwards. This is how it was made from the beginning. But when the stamp humbly bows down and meets the paper… the letters are reversed from being backwards and appear correctly.

Similarly, the Creator has made this kind of condition for destiny. When one humbly serves and presents themselves to the Guru’s sangat their adverse destiny is straightened. All their problems are solved. The reverse was nothing besides destiny. Thus the scriptures are correct. Nothing less and nothing more.”

There is a bright future for the Guru’s beloveds. Let us pray in such a way that we know the Guru hears us and sets the destiny straight!

(This story was cited from and edited by SikhNet.)